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Since 2010, when Amadu P. Kamara a Maryland registered tax preparer (in Lanham MD) has created APK Tax, it has filed taxes and offered bookkeeping services to 1000's of individuals and businesses around the USA.

Working with a variety of people and businesses of different industries and backgrounds has cemented APK Tax as one of the country leading Tax & Bookkeeping management firms.

Our commitment to understanding people is what sets us apart — Our aim is to educate and empower individuals and business owners.

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Diverse Financial Expertise

  • Tax Management and Advice

    We are committed to providing you with superior quality services at affordable prices. Combining our preparation software and in-depth knowledge of the tax codes.

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  • Tax Preparation Services

    Effective tax preparation and planning can help you to minimize your future tax liability. We can help you proactively manage both your personal and your business tax issues

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  • Accounting Services

    Most small business owner(s) under-estimate the accounting aspect of their business which can in fact be leads a company to it down fall. By having a solid financial record with timely and accurate reports allows the owner(s) to make sound judgement about present and future projects.

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Partenering Up With Businesses

Tax Day Is Near By Are you ready ?

  • Business Tax

    We will assist in the interpretation of your financial records and reports to help improve your profitability. We will help you analyze your expenses to control unnecessary outflow. Our service will help you manage your business more efficiently and productively.

  • Business Consulting

    As a business owner, you likely face daily challenges such as having enough cash available to take advantage of opportunities when they arise


Increase you tax refunds

Here are some tips from the IRS on how you can increase your tax refund this season without spending too much time.

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